today, anyone can make their own website with a drag and drop website builder. but when you're looking to go above and beyond the competition, website builder tools can only bring you so far, lacking in originality and flexibility.

the beauty of custom coded sites is that you can truly make anything you can imagine (within reason, of course!). whether it be a simple single-page personal site, a company login page, or multi-page interactive ecommerce site for your products, i'll have you covered. you are welcome be as specific as you want with your ideas, or you can let me come up with a beautiful layout for you. chances are, we'll be able to make it happen!

how does it work?

as a developer and client, we both have responsibilities. i handle all of the technical side of setting up the site, which includes (obviously) coding, hosting, ssl registration, etc. i will also help with design ideas if needed.

as the client, you are the one who is responsible for coming up with content, including text, images, videos, audio files, etc.

most of the time between the beginning and completion of a website is spent waiting for commuication. for the fastest development, i request that you provide as much information as possible about the site after i verify that your idea is within my abilities. this information includes at least a basic idea of the website layout, all of the text that is going to be displayed, and any assets like images and logos. this way, i'll be able to work much more efficiently without having to continously reach back out to you for more details.

when i am finished with the site, you, the client, will own the code and content that i have produced, which i will send you upon request. (keep in mind that this does not include externally sourced resources such as free fonts and images, etc.)

how long does it take? it depends on the project. a simple static site may take under a week from request to hosting, provided i receive all the required information in a timely manner. larger and more complex projects can take several months, especially if it involves new and unfamiliar concepts or tools. these time frames are only for reference, and may change under unforeseen circumstances. however, it is my commitment to deliver you a quality website in as little time as possible for me :)

basic pricing and more information is below. if you think you're ready to begin creating your site, contact me and we'll begin working out the details!

website pricing

type of site development cost
single-page static site $500
multi-page static site $750
single-page functional site starting @ $1000
multi-page functional site starting @ $1250

static sites — generally purely informational. they are the most basic kind of websites and they usually don't contain any functionality beyond navigation and, as a general exception, a contact form.

functional sites — functional sites are where custom coding shines. they might do anything, such as storing user accounts, or collecting and processing form data. as there are so many possibilities for this type of site, pricing isn't fixed and will need to be discussed.

additional services

  • old website updates — starting at $100, price may change depending on task (i'll help you bring your ancient website up to modern standards!)
  • domain transfers — $50 plus transfer fees
  • host transfers — starting at $100, depending on complexity